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The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act (Tas) 2009 introduced a new statutory scheme for the recovery of progress payments in the building and construction industry in Tasmania and is applicable to building and construction contracts commenced on or after 17 December 2009.

The Act provides a fast and economical alternative to litigation for claimants seeking timely payment of progress claims under building and construction contracts. As comparatively new legislation, participants in the building and construction industry in Tasmania are still coming to terms with the new statutory scheme and the extremely tight timeframes imposed, which parties ignore at their peril.

Associate Renée Spencer is an accredited Adjudicator in NSW and Tasmania with authorised nominating authority Adjudicate Today Pty Ltd and has adjudicated more than 40 applications since 2010.

Renee advises clients in relation to the Act, as well as preparing payment claims, payment schedules, adjudication applications and adjudication responses for clients for the purposes of the Act.

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