De Facto & Family Law

The needs of your children are the paramount consideration. We have expert knowledge in this area, including:

  • Parental responsibility;

  • Access;

  • Protection and welfare/abuse issues;

  • Child maintenance and support;

  • Urgent Orders for the recovery of children and restraining flight from the jurisdiction; Relocation Applications;

  • Adoption, paternity/parentage issues;

  • Domestic violence issues and parenting;

  • Parenting mediation

We are dedicated to achieving a just and equitable outcome with respect to the division of your financial affairs after separation for both married, de-facto and same-sex couples including:

  • Property Orders including use and occupation of home, division of assets and liabilities;

  • Superannuation matters;

  • Urgent Orders preserving the assets of a relationship;

  • Family Trusts, Unit trusts and Corporations Act issues;

  • Financial mediation;

We can help ensure that your financial position is protected. We provide advice on and prepare Financial agreements including pre-nuptial; post-nuptial and de facto agreements;

Have you been prevented from seeing your grandchildren? The Family Law Act 1975 says that “children have a right to spend time on a regular basis with and communicate on a regular basis with, both their parents and other people significant to their care, welfare or development” (such as a Grandparent).

We can apply for and process divorce applications on your behalf.

We are passionate about protecting those most vulnerable as a consequence of Family Violence. Family Violence comes in many forms including:

  • Physical assault or threats to physically harm;

  • Emotional abuse;

  • Social isolation;

  • Intimidation and coercion

  • Sexual Violence and rape;

  • Deprivation of liberty;

  • Harming animals in your presence (or your children(s);

  • Damaging property in your presence (or your children(s).

We are able to apply on your behalf for Family Violence Orders in the Magistrates Court. We can also seek long term protection orders relating to you and your children in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or the Family Court of Australia.

Tremayne Fay Rheinberger take the time to get to know you understand your circumstances and the outcome you want to achieve. We aim to resolve matters by agreement by entering into negotiations with your former partner, or by inviting them to attend family dispute resolution.

If agreement is not reached, we provide expert representation at Court to ensure your voice is heard and you are taken seriously. Our lawyers practise as both barristers and solicitors, giving us the flexibility to act as ‘in house’ Counsel and attend Court on our clients’ behalf. We also brief external Counsel as required.

We service a broad range of clients and have the expertise to offer high end advice and representation. The firm’s specialist family lawyers, Sarah Mead and Alinta Robinson- Herbert, work at reasonable rates, making our firm an excellent choice for all Family and related legal issues.

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